Tailormap at GeoBuzz

At the Dutch trade show GeoBuzz, a sneak preview was given of the new Tailormap. And it caused quite a buzz…

In this sneak preview we showed the layout of the new Tailormap. A few of the components (legend, identify, open attribute tabel) were loaded into the demo as well. We’ve happily been collecting the first usability data.

Quite the buzz...

A lot of people showed up. It was near as busy as the pre-covid shows for the main stage, and in the Tailormap booth¬† we didn’t have a single moment of peace and quiet.

We’ve met old friends, made new ones, and found out that a lot of students were interested in Tailormap as well. That is good news, it means we’re on the right track.

All in all, we’ve had a wonderful GeoBuzz experience. We’ve seen a lot of new things, and a lot of people have seen us again.


Tailormap offers additional options such as:

  • Professional support and helpdesk
  • Tailormap is available as SaaS
  • Available in English and Dutch. Other languages can be added on demand.
  • Uses national and international coordinate reference systems
  • Easy setup using predefined configurations

Questions about the technical possibilities and specifications of the van Tailormap can be asked by telephone or email.