We’re a Dutch open source GIS company, based in Utrecht. We develop, host and support GIS software, completely open source. En we enjoy helping users of our software on their geospatial journey. Best. Job. Ever.


Our mission: GIS for everyone

We build the geospatial tools anyone can use. Working with geospatial data nowadays implies two things: sharing your data with others, and using data shared by others. Our software is build especially for those purposes.

We are of the opinion that sharing will add value for all involved. Sharing of information, sharing of tools. That is why our products are distributed as open source software. We use open components in our stack, add new open components to the stack, and invite others to do the same.

We plot our own course in developing software. We observe what is happening around us, know our field of play, and what direction we would like to move in to, and use that to enhance our geospatial software.


Do you have specific questions on how to use Tailormap for your spatial needs?
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Are you serious?

Yes, we are extremely serious about our work. We have the ambition to do the right thing, and do it right: the software, the hosting, and the support. We believe in open standards and open source as basis for our solutions, that enable you to solve your spatial puzzles. And we believe in helping you if you don’t immediatly succeed in doing so. And we do some weirdely classic company outings sometimes. Like bowling.


Want to know more, about us or the Tailormap platform? Let us know.


Tailormap offers additional options such as:

  • Professional support and helpdesk
  • Tailormap is available as SaaS
  • Available in English and Dutch. Other languages can be added on demand.
  • Uses national and international coordinate reference systems
  • Easy setup using predefined configurations

Questions about the technical possibilities and specifications of the van Tailormap can be asked by telephone or email.