And what happened next really surprised us. This Sunday, we got the first question on Twitter. Really, it blew our minds. Wonderful!

I wrote a small article on LinkedIn about that. What is the actual speed limit on Open Source Software? Well, today we were confronted with the first speed bump: how are we going to collect issues? Most projects that have reached a certain state of maturity use the issue tracker of GitHub for that, but we are still finishing the fundamentals, that we really want to set up ourselves. Don’t push us too hard yet. On the other hand, we do want to know how users react, and what issues they encounter.

For now, we settle here: we’ll open up the backlog, so that we won’t get too many issues that we already know. Issues can (for now) be mailed to support. We’ll build a nice form for that on this website to replace the email soon. And somewhere in 2023 we’ll see what the future holds for a further open develoment…

The first external viewer made in Tailormap 10 can be found at and has been made by Bob Coret. Nice job!



Tailormap offers additional options such as:

  • Professional support and helpdesk
  • Tailormap is available as SaaS
  • Available in English and Dutch. Other languages can be added on demand.
  • Uses national and international coordinate reference systems
  • Easy setup using predefined configurations

Questions about the technical possibilities and specifications of the van Tailormap can be asked by telephone or email.